River’s in hospital

I have been pretty quiet the blogging front lately and this is due to little Mr River King giving us all a massive scare and continuing to do so.

River was admitted to hospital over two weeks ago, he had a swollen knee and was generally unwell we came in on a Friday and were sent home but told to have a very low thresh hold, these words probably saved Rivers life. So on the Saturday he got worse and we bought him in, he had emergency surgery that night and were told he had septic arthritis when aspirated it grew a very nasty infection and would need IV antibiotics for a few weeks. Fast forward two weeks and more knee surgery, MRI, long line fitted, ultrasound under GA and removal of the line and a blood transfusion.

 He is still not better and tomorrow goes back under for another full body MRI and another line fitted. He is on very strong medication however has not recovered how he should of and now his little body is covered in a horrible rash and is currently on the High Dependence Unit.

Derriford are in talks with Bristol Children’s Hospital to fix my little man.

The most upsetting thing about this admission is that River has lost the ability to walk and to talk the months of hard work from us, portage and nursery has now been wiped, we will need to completely start again. Also River will not tolerate anyone touching him it’s on his notes that he does not like to be touched  this is so hard when so many doctors and nurses need to touch him! I have had a doctor shout at him to keep still I have had to explain he does not understand all he sees is a needle!

River has lots of complex needs so that has made this even more traumatic for me and for him.

Lets just hope this little monkey turns a corner soon so we can be home as a family again as I miss the boys, husband and my lovely bed!




8 thoughts on “River’s in hospital

  1. RaisieBay says:

    It’s so horrible having a little one so sick and having to stay away from the rest of the family, you have my greatest sympathy. I hope that River turns a corner very soon and the hospital finds a way of making him well again. sending many hugs and get well wishes. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers xx

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