Being a good mother and a good wife…

Being a good Mother and a good Wife…can we ever get the balance right?!

As parent I feel I am pretty laid back. I don’t sweat the small things but I am also very adamant about certain things – most importantly school work and behaviour. The boys are actually pretty good and we only have a few minor melt downs – usually from Alfie or River.  However, being a parent is exhausting and looking after three mini humans all day everyday can take its toll.

Being a good wife is hard especially when you’re exhausted. Sometimes even getting dressed in the morning is a struggle! Being the Wife when you have been up all night with the littlest, spent your day worrying about school for the eldest and just keeping up with the middle one is a task in itself!

I admit I feel like a failure sometimes that I’m not always 100% happy and a bouncing ball of energy. Some days I just want to shut everyone out and curl up on my bed and sleep away the day – this does not mean I don’t care. When I don’t have something to say – it’s not because I wasn’t listening, it’s because at times things do get on top of me and sometimes I just want a bit of peace. This doesn’t mean I don’t love my Children and adore my Husband or that I don’t care. They mean the world to me, and without them I wouldn’t know the meaning of unconditional love.

I have days where I’m not on top of my game and stupidily I beat myself up about it – no one is superwoman you know?! Before you become a Mother you never realise the how hard it can be and being a wife….well most of the time it’s like I’m a mother to four!

But it is all about compromise…marriage and parenthood. You have good days and bad days. You have to remember and keep telling yourself that you are doing a good job and when you see the faces of your beautiful children smiling back at you and your adoring husband waiting for a cuddle on the sofa…you remember it’s all worth it.



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