Every child is different…

Something I have learnt since becoming a Mother is that every child is so different, my three boys could not be more different if they tried. First came along Alfie he was a bald chubby little baby and did not actually grow hair until he was about two years old – much to my frustration!

When we had just Alfie we gave him everything and took him everywhere however he really didn’t appreciate our efforts and was actually quite a miserable little boy – you had to really put the ground work in to get Alfie to smile. He was very shy and was not confident at all, he struggled in social situations and in the end myself and the husband had to push him into things like clubs, we would leave him in tears – we knew that he would be fine he just needed that shove if you like. He really struggled at school and struggled to make friends I remember in reception he went to school with his teddy in his book bag! However now at the age of eight he is a very confident young lad he is full of smiles has a heart of gold, he goes into social situations now with his head held high. He sometime struggles with confidence because he does not believe in himself but that just comes with age. All the fears I had for Alfie – I now don’t.


Then came Harry our little ray of sunshine he was always smiling, he really did light up all of our lives. Harry is a lot different to Alfie he is confident even now he is very sure of himself and a very happy go lucky little boy. Harry loves to learn and has taken to school like a duck to water, he has lots of friends and is just happy. He has his moment like all five year olds do. Harry hates to be told off he cries his eyes out. I always thought Harry would be a bit cheeky at school however that is not the case I think he would be mortified if he got told off now! Harry and Alfie are completely opposite if you compare a five year old Alfie to a five year old Harry their is nothing similar apart from their wicked smiles.


Then finally River joined the party and he is completely different in every way possible. River has been completely different for me to parent as well. His journey is still beginning really and he is still developing but at his own pace. He looks a lot like Alfie and Harry – he is a mixture of them both, he has a wicked laugh like them both too.


Isn’t it amazing that theses three boys came from me and the Husband, have all been brought up the same, with the same life lessons and morals but are completely different.

Tori xxx



5 thoughts on “Every child is different…

  1. Helen says:

    What a beautiful way to document their differences and celebrate them! I’m currently due my second child and am excited to see this little ones personality grow as they grow up 🙂 #SundayBest

    Helen x

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  2. Lady Nym says:

    I love looking at siblings and how similar or different they are!

    We have one skinny boy with poker straight hair who has always been hard work but very loving and one chunky little boy with crazy curls who is a cheeky and smiley thing up to the point he has a right strop.

    You have three gorgeous kids there.


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