2017 our hope’s in a bottle

So this year on the 31st December we decided to get the boys to write their hopes for the next year on some paper, we did it too, then placed them all in a bottle sealed it and then buried it somewhere on the moors.

We all sat down and wrote all our wishes down, Alfie and Harry both had the same wish on their list that River will get better I was so touched by this, they really are super big brothers. We all wrote about five things they included things from being happy, trying hard and becoming the next Ronaldo ( obviously that was on my list!).


We then set out on a cold wet afternoon to hide our bottle, it was so muddy and these kids are just like me if there is a hole they will find it. We walked for about a mile then went off track to find the best spot. There lay the sinking mud! Harry was the first to get stuck we pulled him free but had to then dig deep for his shoe!


They boys found this hilarious and in all honestly so did me and the husband we eventually found a spot after a few more incidents and a hole load of mud.

So we dug a hole and buried our bottle it was a lovely family moment we joked about how we will all look next year when we come to retrieve the bottle.


We then walked back to the car the boys were stripped and bundled in the back. It was a lovely day and something we will now do every year and see how our hopes and dreams turn out.




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