Was it all worth it…

Well that’s it people all that money, stress and eating is done for another year….but was it all worth it? Hell yes this is why…

  • The pure excitement on the boys faces on Christmas Eve as they trotted off to bed, Harry peaking out of the window to see if he could get a glimpse of Father Christmas.
  • The 5 am wake up – not so much but when told it was not Christmas yet they did go back to bed.
  • Stocking opening on our bed and the way River tried to share his chocolates with his brothers, until he realised they had some too and he quickly┬áretracted the offer.
  • Down the stairs to see all their presents the pure joy on their faces, all their presents were a massive hit including River’s teepee which I made for him. He absolutely loved it and spent most of Christmas in it.
  • All the family over on Christmas Day for presents, food and games, you really can’t beat it!
  • The food has to make the list! I have eaten like a king over the Christmas period, and I now need to start a mass diet if I ever want to get into a bikini again, 6 months to get myself beach ready…HELP!!
  • Family time with the boys. With myself and the husband both working, and with the boys at school and nursery it’s nice to spend time with them even if the 8 year old does have melt downs more often than not.
  • The end of the year always fills me with reflection and new goals. I love a new goal and I do always start off so enthusiastic but 9 times out of 10 I do lose that enthusiasm granted but I start of with good intentions and that’s what counts…right?

Well that’s my list as to why it’s all been worth it. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and good luck with all your new goals…I will share mine with you in my next blog!



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