The NHS – A Parents View

Now as an parent I am extremely greatful that we have the NHS in this country and I feel very lucky that we have so much available to us. However that does not stop me getting extremely annoyed with many aspects of it. As a citizen I pay my taxes for this service and as a worker I see the NHS from both sides I have worked within the hospitals I no exactly how under staffed it can be and I know how hard everyone works, but from a parents point of view I also see massive waiting lists, limited facilities which difer from region to region. 

Recently my son has grown out of his pedro boots and is now on a waiting list to have his feet re-measured so is now wearing other shoes that just don’t have the support he needs I find this extremely frustrating and completely unfair on my son. My son is due another hearing test as two have not been passed and he is still on the waiting list for that, and this has a big impact as speech and language will not get involved until he has past his hearing then he will be placed on the waiting list for that, and OT referral is an 18 week wait, these waiting times are ridiculous and as a parent I want the best for my son and in all truth I want it now! 

Dont get me wrong we have received amazing support and a lot of my experience with the NHS has been positive since my son has needed extra support and medical care, the community team have been great the dietician is great. He has recived portage and now he is being cared for under a community peadiatrician however that has taken two years we even joked with his gastro consultant how long that has taken. I read so many different stories from parents regarding their experiences I’m not going to lie it does concern and scare me for the future I just hope more money is given so these waiting times can be reduced as these children are the future and need all the support they deserve. 

Do you want to no the irony here… I actually pay for private health care but never put River on it after he was born, and now all his problems are existing he is not covered. That will teach me for not being more organised!


4 thoughts on “The NHS – A Parents View

  1. Mainy - myrealfairy says:

    It sounds so frustrating, so sorry to hear of all the waiting you need to be doing at the moment. Thank you for writing about it and getting your own thoughts down aswell as raising the awareness of the waiting times too.

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