The Stress of Christmas Present Buying & the Stupid Requests from the Boys!!

So it’s that time of year again!! I have an extremely excited five year old, an eight year old who kind of still believes however he is too cool to show it and a two year who does not have a clue what’s going on! 

Then there’s me – a stressed out Mummy trying to buy everything the boys have on their lists however these lists have changed about a hundred times so far, they don’t make it easy for you do they!

Alfie wants mostly football stuff – Ronaldo shoes and football kits. He has also requested the new Xbox one however he already has an Xbox one so I have told him that me and Father Christmas both agree he does not need a new one! He also asked for a gold controller – £50 for a gold controller when he already has two controllers… dream on Son! Then he requested a mini motor bike well let’s just say he won’t be getting that! If anyone knows Alfie you know what I mean when I say he will re-enact the Inbetweeners moment on the said motor bike! I actually found him very easy this year to buy for and he has a lovely selection – I just hope he agrees.

Harry I found a little harder mostly because he has changed his mind every day! One thing he has been consistent with is an ice cream maker and as he wants to be an ice cream man I think Father Christmas will make that dream come true! Harry wants everything that’s not a girls toy but I know Harry and I know what won’t get played with, I also had to say no to some stuff as I can’t stand the mess I mean who invented sand to play with indoors!! 

River I actually found really easy this year as well and I was able to get creative with his gifts, he has a lovely teepee that me and my Mum have made for him. He actually is in to stuff this year so it’s been really fun getting him his bits and can’t wait to see his little face when he comes down on Christmas morning to see all his toys in his teepee.

This year Amazon has been my best friend and I have ordered most of their stuff off this site, as the thought of going into the town centre sends shivers down my spine. Now that is some stress I don’t need! 

I actually feel organised and have accomplished a lot and if the kids change their minds again….well Father Christmas has already started to make their gifts so tough luck 🙂

I will see you on the other side people!!




2 thoughts on “The Stress of Christmas Present Buying & the Stupid Requests from the Boys!!

  1. Mainy - myrealfairy says:

    These look great, I totally agree with the who invented sand for indoors!! What were they thinking!! The fun of having kids comes with all the wonderful stories of them growing up and I love that. It gets me through the long hard days of when they are more challenging!:) Thanks so much for linking up to #mainyloveschristmas its brilliant having you along.
    Mainy x

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  2. mindyourmamma says:

    I have 3 boys, and they are (wait for it), 8, 5 and 2!!! Except that this year they asked for Nerf guns, and that’s not going to happen! So it’s the Monday before Christmas (6 sleeps to Christmas, as Nick Jr cares to remind me) and we still don’t have their presents! Talk about stress! But yes, my 5 year old did change his mind too, daily. So we’ve gone from Nerf gun to coin maker… [rolls eyes] Merry Christmas to your family! #mainyloveschristmas

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