Hidden Gems of Instagram

Shopping on the high street in my opinion has changed so much in recent years, you just don’t get the choice or uniqueness any more. So I have started buying from little businesses that hand make their products and are so unique and just lovely. I thought I would share some of the little gems I have found in my hours of looking on Instagram with you all.

With Christmas just around the corner and with me working nights I do spend a lot of my time looking online for inspiration and have found that Instagram has completely gone wild with new businesses which is great and a lot of these businesses will do personalised items and one of a kind items – added bonus!

So here are a few I have found and wanted to share with you…

Mummy and the Munch


This company sells the most lovely hats for you and your munch and are so well made. River and I love ours and there really reasonably priced! Mummy’s is £12.95 and the Munch’s is £6.95. They also come in lots of different colours. I’m a massive fan of these especially for the morning football matches every Saturday!!

Turtledove London


This brands moto is ” building a brand one day at a time” which I just love! These clothes are handmade organic clothes and are a lovely quality. I bought River a lovely romper from them and was so impressed with the style and quality! I don’t currently have a photo of River in them as he spilled blackcurrant all down them! Also all orders over £20 have free delivery too!!

Harlam Dreams


Now everyone who knows me or reads my blogs knows I’m a sucker for leggings on River and I could of got every single pair off this site if I was allowed to! However I just settled for these cute pair! They are great and thick – unlike some leggings you get these are great for the winter and once again really reasonably priced at £12 for these ones in a 9-12 months. I adore them and lots of their other items as well – this business really does cater for the “cool kid”.

Inspired by Noah


This little shop I just love and I absolutely adore their bracelets – they do them for adults and children and with as many little tags as you like and with any name you like! I got one with my three little boys names on and I just love it! Its so cool and so unique I would so recommend heading over to this site and checking them out especially with Christmas coming up. Priced at £4.50 for adults and £3.50 for children you really can’t go wrong 🙂

Well that is your lot for now but watch this place as there will be more coming up soon…








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