Being a mum to three boys…

When I was a child I was such a tom boy, I was always in boys clothes, climbing trees and just getting up to no good really. I even had my hair cut like a boy… I was committed to the cause!

However as I got older I became more of a girlie girl, and when I became pregnant I always wanted a little girl partly because I have such an amazing relationship with my mum I wanted that with my own daughter. However three pregnancies down and I have three BOYS!!! It was obviously not meant to be! My goal in life was obviously meant to be looking after the mischievous little boys. Having boys though is great as I can live my inner boy out  -I can climb trees, build dens, get muddy and genuinely have a blast and just say I’m doing it for the boys!


Boys are very loving – something I did not expect. They love cuddles and they love their mum. Their also very emotional – another thing I did not expect. Boys are very cute and it does amaze me how their mischievous little minds work at times, their so clever and cunning!! I could not imagine my life without them and it really has just become the norm. It’s never dull and never quiet in our house.

I have learned so much from these three little guys – it’s true boys do smell, they are untidy and they are mischievous. But now I really could not imagine having a girl. I’m not sure what I would do with a little girl, I no I would max out all my credit cards and she would have an amazing wardrobe but I’m not sure how to parent a girl!! I wonder if I will ever find out!!




One thought on “Being a mum to three boys…

  1. mackenzieglanville says:

    I was the same, I really wanted a girl, and I got 2 in a row, I then couldn’t imagine ever loving a boy the way I loved my girls, when I was pregnant with number 3 everyone assumed we wanted a boy, but honestly we didn’t. But then he came along, we didn’t know we were having a boy, but the minute I held him I wasn’t surprised at all, it was like I’d been waiting all my life for him yet hadn’t known it. I was instantly in love!! I was shocked at how much I loved having a boy, I know that might sound weird but I honestly didn’t know how great it was to have a son. He is so cuddly and sweet, he melts my heart with his hugs, kisses and sweet I love you mummy, your my favourite in the whole world. Boys are amazing! #sundaybest

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