Sometimes you get it wrong….

I spend my life as a parent worrying…I have lots of worries for all of my children.


Since Alfie my eldest started school four years ago he has always struggled academically. He has always tried his hardest however and has always had a barrier that has protected him from achieving great marks. He has had many interventions put into place and his school have always been amazing and we are extremely lucky that he is at such a good school. When I first had Alfie I always wanted the best for him and wanted him to strive and to achieve greatness. I wanted him to take his 11 plus and pass with flying colours. In year one we got Alfie a private tutor – looking back now I realise how stupid that was as he was so young. He has continued to struggle all the way through his school years but that boy has never once given up, not once has he stopped trying because he does not get it, he always puts his hand up in class and usually gets its wrong the poor sod but he keeps trying. I have been hard on Alfie and pushed him and sometimes shouted at him when he does not get it. This week I spoke to his teacher and it really hit home to me and made me really think, she was full of praise for Alfie and said some lovely things about him. Alfie is an amazing little boy and does try his best and how can I sit there and say his best is not good enough….. I can’t and I’m so sorry I did. Alfie is a confident, funny, caring and loving little boy and he is a lovely human being – I really am so proud of him. He may not be top of the class, he may not take his 11 plus but does that really matter? The answer is ‘no’ – what matters is that my son is happy and he is.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes you get it wrong….

  1. Sarah - mud cakes and wine says:

    What a really good read and so honest. We were forced to not think about any academic goals with out first as he has ASD and a speech and language disorder. He was not talking till gone 4 and it’s changed our whole outlook on life o would say for the better. Thanks for sharing #sundaybest


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