It’s ok, not to be ok!

As a parent I feel you are under so much pressure by society to always be OK. I think you are judged by everyone and sometimes your not OK. Sometimes you have had a mother of all shit days and by the end of it all you want to do is cry, scream and run away…. But that’s OK – everyone has those days – even celebrities with all their money and nannies can’t be the best 24/7.

I think we have to remember sometimes no one is the ‘perfect parent’….they may seem it on the outside but if they have kids, trust me they have their days. Children are never perfect all the time or they would not be children. We can’t blame the children either I mean at the time yes blame the children! But at the end of the day they are only kids and we were all that age once. I know I was a shit at times I’m sure you can all remember one time  (or ten) that you really pushed your parents.

We as parents have to sometimes take that step back and remember we can’t always be perfect we can’t always get it right – we all make mistakes – I know I do. Life is hard, it puts hurdles in the way, life with children is really hard, you strive so much to give them everything and always be there. You set yourselves such high goal posts that sometimes you will not be able to reach that, if that’s missing a football match or leaving a child sobbing at school. Every parent has moments when they feel like failures but we need to remember your not, your human and as long as you continue to care and love your child that is all that really matters. You have to also remember that you are a person as well as a parent you need to cut yourself some slack and remember your doing good.



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