” I love bedtime”


I love bedtime -not just my bed time…the boys bedtime as well. Now don’t get me wrong I love my children I really do – they mean the world to me  but my god I do love bedtime!

I’m not so keen on the whole bedtime routine however and nine times out of ten it does not actually work. I have even tried the Johnsons “bedtime” bubble bath to calm the children but this did not work! River likes a bath on his own and just splashes around soaking everyone and everything. Harry is partial to a cannonball into the bath and Alfie is in and out within ten seconds and in those ten seconds I’m frantically trying to wash him.

We then put River down first with all his sensory lights and music to calm the little sod however this does not really work,unless he has screamed for about two hours first just so we don’t forget about him.

Harry is actually pretty good as he does not stop all day so he is usually tired…he will moan a little and need all his blankets and teddies sorted but he will usually fall asleep within twenty minutes.

Alfie will fight sleep till the death! He is now eight so thinks he is practically a grown up, we make him read before bed to myself or to himself – this does not usually go down well so we have a screaming match. He will then come into our bedroom a few times to tell us stuff and then finally ask me to tuck him in – if he did not get out of bed six times he would not need tucking in again!

The kids are usually all in bed settled by about nine…this can change mostly due to River -he likes to sometimes pull all nighters which practically kills us.

However when they are all settled and we venture to our bed, my god I love bedtimes – there is nothing better than to just lay in bed and to relax….well until one of them wakes up!



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