“Taking Some Time For Myself”

I’m am so tired lately – the summer holidays have finally come to an end and the boys are now all back to school with two of them starting new journeys at nursery and big boy school. So I guess now is  a perfect chance to take some time out for me.

I need to start to feel good about myself again. I need to start caring about what I look like – so from now on I’m going to take control of my life and look after myself. I’m starting this by choosing to go swimming twice a week when River is at nursery. It would be so easy to just go home and blob about for those three hours but I remember the feeling I used to get when I went to the gym and I want that feeling back – I want to feel I have accomplished something with my time, I also do love a bit of ‘me time’. I’m one of those people who is extremely happy in my own company – I’m always talking to myself so have no problems going swimming by myself in fact it’s probably best as I will be no doubt dying with a red face after a few laps so trying to talk to someone else is really not going to happen or be helpful!

I want to feel healthy again and I need to get some energy back – some motivation. I sometimes get to the point of exhaustion with looking after three boys and working nights it all adds to the stress. So this is it…I pledge to you I am taking control, I’m going to feel better about myself, I’m going to take care of myself and I’m doing this for myself!

Wish me luck guys!!


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