10 things I have learned over the summer holidays!

  1. Whoever invented such thing is a complete idiot, I love my kids but come on six weeks off, it’s no good for either party!

2. My children are always hungry and always want feeding, even when they have been fed -they’re still starving to death!

I used to think I liked ‘baking days’ with the boys, however this is not the case – I actually want them to get bored and go away as they are actually pissing me off and ruining my Mary Berry creations.

  1. Children don’t believe in lie ins – holiday or no holiday – it’s still a six o’clock wake up.
  2. Day trips never turn out as planned! (please refer to my other blog).
  3. Boys are worse than girls – the tears and tantrums I have had!
  4. English weather really does suck, it’s either too hot and humid or just cold and wet.
  5. I’m so grateful to the grandparents! I’m not sure the kids would still be alive if it was not for them and the nights off they have given us.
  6. My boys can be angels – until we enter a supermarket then they just turn into hooligans on speed!
  7. Even though I have been counting down the days and cursing the little hooligans I know I really do have three great humans! 

                          But now its September which can only mean one thing……



3 thoughts on “10 things I have learned over the summer holidays!

  1. mackenzieglanville says:

    lol, this is brilliant loved the end quote! I totally agree with number 5, in fact I think once we have kids we resale nothing is as we planned ever again, but that’s ok (most of the time) #Sundaybest


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