The boy is turning 8!!

So today is my eldest boy’s 8th birthday – that means I have been a parent for eight years!! I have made mistakes along the way and winged my way through this thing called parenting but when I look at Alf I realise I have done a good job as he is a great kid…so I did pretty good….

So here is Alf’s likes and dislikes at this point in his life…


  • Football!!!
  • Ronaldo
  • Match attacks
  • Fifa
  • You tube
  • Salt and vinegar crisps
  • Foreign languages
  • His friends
  • His hair
  • Foot-draft
  • Football kits
  • Xbox


  • School work especially spellings!
  • Spicy food
  • Harry annoying him
  • Going to  bed
  • Being told to turn his Xbox off!
  • Normal clothes..he lives in football kits!
  • Brushing his teeth



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