His frame arrived!!

This week after a two month wait and two months of me moaning, Rivers walking frame finally arrived!! This was an exciting day. River took his first steps at Christmas when he was 18 months old and we all -us as a family and the professionals thought he would then thrive and be running in a few months however this was not the case as he did not. He will walk a little unaided – by a little I mean between objects but he can’t walk very far at all and  he likes to walk on his knees or crawl. He also walks like a little monkey when in the park as his knees get very sore so he walks on his hands and feet – it’s very cute!

Since the frame arrived he has done amazingly well. He can walk pretty far with it and likes it which is the main thing. He still gets tired very quickly and still does crawl away from it at times but as we no everything with River is done in River time 🙂 and we are happy with that.  When I first took him out with his little frame I felt so proud and also so sad as he should not need it as he should be running around like a normal two year old but then I think I don’t have a normal two year old I have a special two year old. 



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