The guilt of the working Mum…

This week I have had lots of conversations with my 4 year old son -he is four so he asks me questions all day long!

He is a mummy’s boy and always asks me why I have to go to work and that he wishes I did not – he likes me to be there all the time for him. The conversations are extremely sweet as we have our “chats” about why Mummy goes to work and what we can do because Mummy works and due to the fact he is so sweet I come away feeling oh so guilty that it makes him sad that I have to leave him to work.

In all honesty I like working. I have always worked because it gives me a bit of ‘me time’ and a purpose which is not just being a Mum. Even if I won the lottery I would still do some form of work (in between holidays on my big ass boat in the Caribbean of course!). As much as I love my job it does not take away the guilt I do feel when his little face is looking at me, even my eldest son wishes I would not work in between telling me I am ruining his life by switching his Xbox off!

I am lucky though as I only work part time so I get the best of both worlds. I work a few nights a week and don’t miss a great deal of the children I do however spend my day after a night shift in a daze as I’m ridiculously tired.

I think as all working Mothers we can agree we are working for our children, we are working for the moments, the holidays and the memories. We are also working to show our children that if we want things in life then we have to go out and makes things happen – if we want things we have to work hard for them.  I feel that is such a valuable lesson for our children. I love my kids and I love my job and you have to find the right balance. I spend my life exhausted and I do feel guilty however I know I’m doing it all for the right reasons and would I change it? Nope. Life is about living for the day and making the moments count and as a family I think we do that.



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