Steps to buying your own home…

Firstly save, save like you have never before – if the children complain they need new shoes and clothes pretend you can’t see their toes poking out of the end of their shoes.

Find a Mortgage Рthis is where the stress starts as every Mortgage company want different things and have different hoops you need to jump through. We went to a Mortgage advisor for advice but in hindsight it was a waste of money really.

Collect all your paper work…well this is where life really bit me in the arse as I throw everything away and I have also not told my job my new address even though I have lived there for over a year!! Stress levels getting higher….

Chase, chase and chase some more – then when one thing is ticked…a new thing they will pop up! Stress levels ever increasing…

Finally the Mortgage company are happy and they don’t need anything else…Whoopee!!

Pay the solicitor all the money – now this is a little heart breaking as you have felt like millionaires for the last few months.

You wait patiently for the email to confirm the completion. This kills you as you just feel something will go wrong!!

You get the email you are now home owners!!!!



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