Now in my family we can shop and when I say shop I mean shop…I can’t even keep up most of the time with my mother and sisters! During the half term break I was lucky enough to have a day to myself so my mother and sisters and me headed to our favourite place in the world…Ikea. Since I have just bought a house and my mum and sisters have just moved into their own it only seemed logical.

So we set off early as it’s an hour and half drive up the M5 -this is actually a blessing or our houses would be changed weekly and we would be very tubby from all the meatballs we would eat! We arrived at Ikea just as it opened at 10am we went straight to the cafe for a cuppa just to set ourselves up and we also sneaked a cake in to see us through until meatball time.

The only problem with coming to Ikea is that you actually want to redesign your whole house every time you go! And this is just not possible so have to settle for new accessories 🙂 I purchased new things for my bedroom as it’s the only room in my house which has not really been touched. I got new furniture and other little items and I bought loads of picture frames so I could create a new ‘wall of love’ in my hallway and to be honest I bought a lot of other bits…which the cheek of the Husband had the nerve to call tat! Men!!! My mother went bloody mad as usual and my sisters were actually quite controlled…however one of my sisters did buy some pink curtains much to her boyfriends disgust…but we’re saying there not really pink….more of a wine colour really 😉

We had to have a break after two hours so we went for our meatballs…now these bad boys never fail us as there just sooooo bloody good.

As our trolleys got bigger I did have a few concerns how we would get all this home but we continued and added more, where there’s a will there will be a way…. Well I really hope there is!




Well we did it we got it all in and actually think we could of got a bit more in, but as we had just spend four hours in there it did not seem appropriate to go back in for more supplies…

We love you IKEA and will be back again.


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