“The Room Swap”

I am from a family of four children and remember when we used to swap rooms all the time and as I was the oldest girl I remember the excitement when I finally got my own room.

My Mother is an amazing home maker / decorator and I like to think some of her skills and passion has rubbed off on me, as I do love decorating….every other week!

So here’s how my Boys room swap went…

So this week after months of Alfie asking we finally let him have his own room as he is the oldest and wants sleepovers. So Harry and River will now be sharing. The moving of the furniture as the small bedroom needed to be repainted was an eventful start…. Now would you believe the door frames are different sizes?! So the massive cot we have for River came out of his room OK and then got completely wedged in the hallway and would not fit through the other door frame…at this point I had my Father shouting at me – he had been bumped on the head and I got into a fit of the giggles which in turn meant I may have wet myself as I was wedged between the cot and the door frame. We had to eventually get the bloody thing back in the old room to dismantle…now all my gloss work I had just done now needed to be done again!

In hindsight we should of just dismantled the bloody thing first off but we did not. Eventually the smaller room was empty so I began to paint it…now I wanted to get this done in day so Alf would not burst with excitement any longer…and you no what I bloody did it in a day! Yes the paint was still wet but it was done and both rooms looked pretty good.  Alfie wanted a football themed room so I framed some of his old footy tops and framed some football boot pictures and I even stuck loads of match attack cards to some cardboard and framed them! The outcome was pretty good and most importantly Alfie was happy.

image image

In the little boys bedroom I wanted it to be a fun bedroom more like a playroom – really full of colour which suits them both perfectly. Harry is still a little confused that River will now permanently be in his room and he is a little gutted that he can’t share a room with me….




Now how is the room swap going you ask?  Well Alfie is happy, he loves his new room which is great. Harry’s still happy as always, now River well HE WONT BLOODY SLEEP!!!!! The child has decided he does not want to sleep in his new room whatever I try so he is up till gone 10pm then waking at 5am shouting and waking Harry up!! Now River may be nearly two but he needs sleep – he needs 13 hrs at night and a nap during the day – he needs this to function like a normal human. He is not getting this so is being a complete nightmare….I feel I may have made a boo boo!!!


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