A Car Journey with Young Children!

The other weekend we went away to Gullivers which is four hours up the motorway…four hours or so Google map said – in a car with three small children.

The journey started off well we drilled it in to the children that we were going to be in the car for a long time so there is no need to ask how long as it’s going to be for a good while! To start off with the older boys played on the IPad…they had a few arguments but they were scorned out of them by us Parents…so they played nicely.

After a few hours we were all bored. River was awake and had eaten his way through all his snacks! The Google map lady then decided to chirp up with a 2 hour congestion delay…we could not believe it and part of me thought what is this Woman on about there was no way it could be true….but Oh it was!

Harry then turns to me to tell me he felt sick. Harry always has a poorly and thrives off it so I did not take much notice and just told him to have some water and he would be fine. The rain started to lash down and the car was starting to steam up…. and I look around to see Harry throwing up on his lap in his blanket – he then started crying! Luckily we were near a services so we pulled over and the Husband went to get some bags as I had to empty the boot to find the bloody wet wipes I buried earlier. I was getting soaked…the kids were all crying and Alfie was trying to get away from Harry! I managed to get rid of all the lumps on the car park floor we then took the kids inside to get cleaned up and to have some tea as it was getting late. We must of looked a right state but we were past caring at this point.

We then got back into a very smelly car and rejoined the motorway which according to Miss Google Map we were only down by 15 minutes even though we were in their for an hour. As we continued the miles went down however the time did not…we kept entering the red zones on the map and at this point Miss Google Map was not our friend – we hated her! However she did keep a marriage together as the Husband could not blame me for this one!

We left Plymouth at 2pm and arrived at Gullivers at 8.30pm. We had three very smelly but excited boys to see our pirate room which they were not disappointed by. We will never be entering that end of the country again but I am so glad it was worth it this last time…


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