A simple trip to the fun fair…

The fair is in town yippee…..
So as your all aware it’s the Easter break which mean the kids just need another few weeks off school!  So during this break my main and only aim everyday was to tire the children out.

So today we went to the fair, now as we are in England it’s been raining so the fair is situated in a massive puddle of mud so trying to keep the kids out of the mud was a task in itself.

Now the boys are pumped…they’re excited and they’re ready for this shit! I on the other hand have a raging tooth ache so I’m only there to stand with River and hold the prizes. The first ride the boys wanted to go on was the bouncy castle-this was fine as they went off playing like monkeys at the zoo whilst me and the Husband watched them having a whale of a time. Finally they got bored so came off…they were lucky it’s only a £1 a ride or they would of been sent straight back to bounce for the remainder of their time.

Now the more hardcore rides came up and to my surprise / horror they let Harry on them too. Harry has no fear so the bigger the better unless it’s a fun house and a maze then he gets lost, shits himself and I have to go find him.

The Husband went on a few rides with the boys which they absolutely loved, then the big wheel came and the Husband found a fair friend so was talking to him, so I went on with the boys something I will never do again… It was one of the most scary thing there is.. hardly any safety you sit in the chair with a little bar across and up you go, up to space! I was screaming-people were staring-I did not care I was so bloody scared and then Alfie the little shit rocked the bloody seat as I shouted at him that I would take away he his Xbox if he didn’t stop! He eventually saw the sheer horror on my face and stopped…Well I will say one thing it took my mind of my tooth ache!

We let the boys on a few more rides, Alfie went on a massive ride with Daddy as he has no fear also. Me and the other two took shelter from the spitting teens at the hook-a-duck and Harry got one all on his own he was so bloody chuffed he won a prize I did not have the heart to tell him everyone does.

We then left the fair £40 down, covered in mud and me scarred for life…but the boys had a blast and that’s what it’s all about 🙂



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