The Happiest Little Person I know…

Today I’m feeling rotten with a tooth ache so I thought I would do a happy post to cheer myself up.

The happiest little person I know is a little four year old human called Harry (however he is wanting to be called Sir Kevin today) and I am the proud owner of him…this child is always so happy he just loves life in general. He is my spicy little monkey.


He has an amazing sprit and he just makes everyone happy when they are around him. He is very intelligent little guy and loves to learn new things and is so proud when he does. He is never nasty or rarely loses the plot unlike his brothers. He makes me smile all the time even when I’m feeling down, tired or ill myself he still manages to make me smile.


Harry is our middle child so he is not the oldest and not the youngest but this does not faze Harry…he is unique in his own way and he always manages to put a smile on all of our faces.


I sometimes look at his little beaming face and wonder what life is like for Harry… I think sometimes he feels a little left out as now Alfie is older he does not like to play with Harry as -he is more interested in football and playing out with his friends and as Harry has been told he can’t go out till he is 25 this is not something that Harry can do with Alf.


This may upset Harry inside but you would never know as Harry still smiles away….he has a very easy outlook on life he never wants for anything and when he is aloud a treat he will usually choose the cheapest thing, more than likely it will be bubbles. He is just happy to be with you-a simple trip to the park makes Harry happy.

Harry has always been this families little ray of sunshine and I think the world can learn a lot from him I know I have.




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