Easter Weekend

Well Easter weekend has been and gone and it was a lovely weekend. It started off by Mummy and Daddy attending a friends wedding with no sproglets!

The boys all went to Nannys house on Saturday for the whole day and night which was a lovely break and the boys always have a blast there. Even though Nannys friend was down staying and she bought her little dog….. Harry shit himself when he first saw the dog and stayed in my arms. He later got off the table and ended up replacing me as his best friend with the four legged furry animal. Alfie’s allergies stayed under control with medicine so was all good.

Me and the Husband de-haired and got our wedding clothes on and attended the church service and reception…some more than others enjoyed the free bar and the food…. Highlight of the night was Matthew farting thus making someone sick and I seem to remember a worm dance happening!


Not to anyone’s surprise Easter morning was a little struggle… Picking the boys up at 10am they were already sugared up and raring to go, we needed coffee to see us through this day! We later on joined my family for a treasure / Easter egg hunt in Ivybridge woods, these were the woods I would play as a child so it was very fitting. My wonderful sisters and mum had made a great effort for this hunt they really are good eggs ( excuse the pun ). The boys had a great time finding the treasure looking out for fairys and pixies and solving all the clues it really was a lovely afternoon and so lovely to see how much they both enjoyed it. Alfie even though he acts all big had the best time and was so lovely to see kids being kids. This was just what myself and the husband needed.

image image image image image image

The rest of the Easter weekend was a blur of chocolate and sweets and ended in River being sick and Mummy off to work.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend x



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