Things I Have Learnt Since Being With The Husband


Things I have learned since being with the Husband….

  1. Dominoes…. I did not no this take away existed until I met the husband – now I’m quite a fan.

2. To be happy with who I am….No one is perfect.

3. AA route planner…This is a must if we go anywhere and if I get one instruction wrong I’m done for!

4. Men stink… Especially the Husband I did not know there was such a smell!

5. The art of compromise…. I can’t have everything my way – well not everything but most of it.

6. A persons personality can change so much just by a sniff of alcohol… He thinks the world is conspiring against him if he just has a whiff!

7. Box sets!!!!

8. Men are very untidy and no matter how much you moan, you are not going to change them.

9. Self belief…he believes in me so much, it helps me to believe in me 🙂

10. Men are not all handy men….the Husband is so far from a handy man he makes a better women than me.

11. The bathroom is a man’s secret place…The husband spends hours in there usually around bed times, food prep, tidy up time or the children’s melt down moments.

12. To become a good wife as well as mother….. I hope I’m doing OK!

13. To be a fatty and embrace it!! We have even sunk to another level of low by ordering a kebab in bed.

14. Not to sweat the small things as it will all come out in the wash, he has taught me to just have fun as worrying achieves nothing. I still have to be reminded of this at times though.

15. He has taught me a whole new level of love, he has given me so much…I love him more than words can say.


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