“The Day of a Manic Mother & Her Tribe”

6.30 am – “Mummy, Mummy I need breakfast..chocolate crispies..Mummy, Mummy” this is how my day starts most mornings. Although 6.30 am actually only happens once in a blue moon it’s usually a lot earlier. The morning wake up is always by a little person called Harry.


7.45 am – Shit!!! I need to start getting everyone dressed and washed. This is usually where a certain seven year old likes to have one of those melt downs!

8.30am – We are now ready for the walk to school…..We arrive at school and give Alfie a kiss…tell him to be good and wish him luck for his spellings. If it’s raining, cold or windy Harry likes to then cry all the way home.

9.30 am – We arrive home…Harry is then of course hungry after the mammoth walk, so its snack time and then the lovely nap time (unfortunately it’s only River that naps).

11.00 am – River is now awake and screaming so me and Harry go and get him up. We play the tidy up game in all the rooms and make the beds Harry will pretty much do anything if you count how long it takes-he loves that game… and so does Mummy.

12.00 pm – Lunch time…The boys sit down to have their lunch together while Mummy tidies all the toys off the living room floor. I sometimes wonder if Harry ever gets a head ache as this child has not stopped talking at me since the breakfast call. He has asked me so many questions today already and if I dare to say “I don’t know Harry ” I get shouted at and told “you no nothing Mummy”…I would be fine with that if he actually accepted it!!

1.00 pm – The washing is in the machine, the Hoover has done the rounds twice already, and the dishes are done…. Maybe it’s time for a cuppa and another question from Harry 🙂

2.00 pm – We leave to pick Alfie up early so we can venture to the park. So we get ready and Harry has decided to take his scooter. I hate this idea as I no I will end up carrying it but I accept it. So we are off-we enter the park and I hear a shriek from the little person next to me it’s Harry he is absolutely terrified of dogs no matter how many miles they are away from him. So as I push the buggy,put the scooter over the buggy and then carry Harry in my arms as I struggle up to the park where we are safe! Harry then gets his confidence back and runs wild, River just likes to sit in the swing for a good hour while Harry runs around like the monkey he is.



3.10 pm – We pick Alfie up he usually comes out in high spirits you always pray for the OK nod from the teacher and then we start the walk home this usually entails Alfie and his friend walking ahead of me and me gossiping with my friend and Harry having a paddy as he is now tired…it’s even been known for myself to bring a snack box on the school run for this very moment…if anything can get Harry out of a paddy it’s a Jaffa cake!!

3.40 pm – We make it home…… Yay

4.30 pm Daddy’s home…. Yay

5.00 pm – Tea time…. Well you all no about tea time is this house so that’s another long episode to get through.

6.00 pm – Bath time…River will have a bath with Harry and as our bathroom is right off the kitchen they have a bath while I do dishes…get Rivers medicines drawn up and sort his night time feed out all whilst I can hear if anyone is drowning.

6.30pm – Bed time for River and Harry…River usually goes down well in his room and Harry will have a DVD for half an hour.

6.45pm – Homework time for Alfie…. This can either go one of two ways really good or really bad in most cases it goes the latter but I persevere to get it done-I just find Alfie very lazy but I was exactly the same at school and I have to remind myself he is only seven. So I battle on with him as it is important and needs to be done no matter how much you moan about it.

8.00 pm – Bed time for the rest of us. Alfie goes to bed and me and the Husband go to our room to watch The Big Bang Theory… You may think it’s early and yes it is, but we don’t care…it’s comfy  and we are exhausted so we go to bed early it’s an ongoing joke with our friends so we can take the banter…

I do have to add I am up on average three times a night with the littlest member of the family so this is why I’m tired…Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 🙂





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