The other morning I was getting ready in my bedroom with all the boys in the next room playing, suddenly Harry screamed for me to come in, so I quickly went to see what was happening, as I walked in I saw Harry jumping on his bed cheering and chanting for River. River was trying so hard to climb up the slide onto Harry’s bed and Alfie was behind him making sure he was safe and if he fell he would be there to catch him, they were all so happy and chuffed. This completely melted my heart and made me feel so lucky and made me realise how lucky they all are to have that unbreakable bond.


With River having developmental delay I am always worrying about him. I worry about how he will cope with things but seeing those three together made me realise he will always have two big brothers supporting, encouraging and looking after him and this has really put my mind at ease. Alfie and Harry have always been amazing big brothers since the moment they held River in their arms. Alfie has always been the more caring one and would always look after River, and Harry has been the more rough one but just loves to make River laugh.


Through all the hospital admissions and appointments the brothers have remained so strong. When River was in Bristol Children’s Hospital, Alfie and Harry were there for each other and then there for River when they came to stay. They never once resented River for taking all Mummy’s time they just wanted River better this shows what amazing little humans they are.


I have two Sisters and a Brother and we had and still do have a very close relationship with each other and this is something I wanted for my children. Seeing them all together has made me realise what a lovely connection they have. It’s a unique and special bond that siblings have and it’s incredible and so strong.

I wonder if it’s time to try and add a Sister to the mix………..


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