“Tea Time”

Now when I was a child tea time was the one time when everyone sat down together and spoke about how their day had been. This was something I wanted to carry on with my new little family as I felt it was a really important thing to do…

However I never saw it from my mothers eyes until I became a mother myself!!

Now our tea times always start off well…we all sit down nicely…there is the usual moan regarding the disgusting vegetables I dared to put on the children’s plate. I’m obviously trying to poison the poor children with these ghastly things! Spirits are usually high and we are all chatting and talking nicely but after about two minutes the novelty has worn off and the boys get bored!

Alfie the oldest and  is our best behaved child at the dinner table…he is like his Dad and will pretty much eat anything, and likes to eat a lot! He is a very active child so burns a lot off… not so much like his Dad in that respect 🙂

Now there is Harry oh Harry! He is terrible, he moans from the start about eating…however he is our entertainment for the night. He is prone to busting some moves at the dinner table, and he loves to talk…so he talks his way through trying to get out of actually eating-he takes about a hour to chew every mouthful. He is so slow at eating he is usually still eating as we (I say we but I mean me) do the dishes. You usually have to bribe Harry with pudding to get him to finish his tea and this doesn’t always work, so it’s not unusual for there to be some tears and tantrums by the end of it.

Then there is River…His approach to tea time is simple…he throws his tea to the floor no matter what it is! I start getting stressed out as there is bloody sweetcorn everywhere and the Husband turns to me and says ” just think of the satisfaction you will have when you hoover that up”!! Not really the right attitude to have but he is right-I can’t wait!

So by the end of tea time in our house we have one stuffed  child, one crying child and one still hungry child…. I never remember it being like this!!



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