The seven year old melt down


Now I am the proud owner of a very inquisitive, talkative, drama queen of a seven year old. Did you no life as a seven year old is tough?! Well my seven year old thinks it is…today he had an absolute melt down over some bloody socks…I washed his Portugal ones which he of course wanted and needed to wear! He spent about half an hour kicking the air for these socks-which were in the wash! He was bitching and moaning and even roped his poor friend in to come and help look for them…they were in the wash!

These melt downs usually happen once a day and the route cause of these said meltdowns range from clothing to brushing teeth-any little thing can entice the inner diva out. When these melt downs occur you as the adult have to try not to laugh and just ride it out, it usually ends in something being taken away or being grounded. Tonight as all his friends were out playing he decided it would be more fun to cry over some socks in his bedroom…so this is what his Friday night consisted of.

When one child decides to have these meltdowns it just seems a perfect time for the other child to start telling you how much they love you, which in turn just pisses the melt down child ie Alfie off even more… This happens a lot in my house.

Well tonights melt down ended with Alfie staying in and the socks are still in the washing machine…there were no winners in this story people 🙂






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