“The School Run”

Most parents must agree with me that the school run is a massive ball ache!

I have three children to get sorted in the morning and its a bloody nightmare most of the time. My children seem to bounce out of bed with endless energy…whilst adults take time to adjust to being awake-we need caffeine and lots of it to allow us to function.

My mornings usually start anywhere between 5 am – 7 am depending on Rivers nappy or feeding pump which ever wants to give up first. I hope its the feeding pump but most of the time its the nappy- I have lost count of how many times I have entered his room to a god awful smell and a little person covered in poop!

The other two boys are usually awake ready to pounce on me. Harry is a early bird and its not uncommon in this house to find him sat on the hall way floor waiting for someone to wake. Alfie is usually given the job to run downstairs and to start running the bath so we can dunk River into it and clean the poor bugger. Harry at this point has already asked for his breakfast about 999 times, and after putting him off for as long as possible I eventually give in and do all their breakfasts…so we have ten minutes of calm as I feed them and I down some coffee.

After locking all the stairs gates and containing the children I go and get dressed, this always ends with me shouting down the stairs as the boys sound like their killing each other…we then all go upstairs so I can referee. Alfie and Harry like to play on their beds as they have a slide and this is hours of fun did you know?! River likes to go through my make-up and open it all up which is lovely!

Then its time to get the boys dressed Alfie and Harry always have a race which usually ends in some unfair sportsmanship. River is usually kept in his baby grow for the school run and is strapped in the buggy ready to go about twenty minutes before we actually leave, this may seem mean but its what has to be done as he is contained! Alfie and me usually have a morning argument as he loves to wind Harry up so I end shouting at him and he thinks he is Mr big and argues back so its not unheard of that Alfie ends up grounded and I’m the worse mum in the world all before 9 am.

We then leave the house to start the walk. We always walk with Alfie’s friend and mum, which turns into a competition between the boys of who can act the biggest brat and lose the most privileges! If its raining, windy or cold Harry will have a melt down and cry the whole way there and back!

When I return home its 9.10 am and I feel like I have worked a 12 hour shift already!

What age can they walk to school on their own?!



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