“London Baby”

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have a weekend away from the kiddies so me and the Husband and some friends booked a hotel in London. We all fancied a night out in London pretending we were posh and me and my friend pretending we were in ‘Made in Chelsea’.

Before we even left there was drama, as my poor friend went for a free eye test which led to her being urgently sent to her GP then the hospital for tests and a MRI scan! She only wanted some glasses poor thing…thankfully she is OK now after having fluid from her brain drained!

So Saturday morning we all set off all excited for a weekend away, the drive was fine and we stopped for some supplies…a bottle of Lambrini-classy girls we are! We arrived at the hotel and after being  conned out of £50 to park the car, we just accepted its London and it’s all expensive. We went to our rooms which were lovely I eyed up all the freebies and was told promptly by my friend not to touch the mini bar under any circumstances, so we then headed back out to explore.


The hotel was in a great location, it was a two minute walk into London so we walked to Big Ben and took some photos. We then had to find a pub so the boys could watch the rugby, which we all did and had some food to line the stomachs ready for the night out ahead.

After the rugby we went back to the hotel to shower and dress up. I love any occasion which means I can dress up…I think sometimes the getting ready is better than the actual night out! We all gave ourselves an hour to get ready so bath, hair, make-up and lashes done. The outfit thank god looked fine as I did not have a back up plan, and I was ready for the night ahead.My friend on the other hand was having a few issues  with a wig and tit tape…so after an extra 45 minutes to make adjustments we were ready to hit London.


The night out it self started with a disappointing trip to the ice bar, we did not book so we were unable to go in. We were all a little upset as we were excited to go there, but we went to find some other pubs and clubs so was all OK and after a few drinks nothing mattered. We were then spotted by a Londoner…we must have stood out like country bumpkins visiting the big city as he clocked us and in turn conned us! He said if we paid to go to one club we could go to three so we went along and paid the money thinking we got a bargain. The first club was great-people were dancing and singing on the tables, it was really good, we all had a good dance and the drinks were flowing so we then decided to leave to find the roof top bar we were promised which sounded great…well there was no bloody roof top bar the lying git!! So after walking around trying to find somewhere else we decided to head back to the hotel for some food…the only way to end a night out is with a greasy take away!

The next day was home time…all the kids back home were ill for poor Nanny! So we had a breakfast then drove into London to make a stop at Hamleys Toy Shop for some gifts which was awesome…the kids would of loved it there, so we bought them some presents then headed home with a coffee in hand.


It was a great weekend away and we are planning our next…good friends, good city and a lovely hotel.




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