Things I have learnt since becoming a “Mother”

I have now had the job of Mother now for seven years, it has been a great seven years so far but it has also been the most challenging job I have ever had. So I thought I would share a few things I have learnt along the way;

  • You will sometimes get it wrong but that’s ok….. It’s a learning curve for everyone so don’t beat yourself up about it.
  • Your not just a mother…you are a baker, a game maker, a den builder, a football coach, a referee, a queen cuddlier, a nurse and even a story teller.
  • All parents have the same worries as you do, so you need to remember it’s not just you.
  • Children believe everything you tell them….. Use this power wisely my friends!!
  • You will have days where you just want a break, days that you really just need space and sleep away from your children this does not make you a bad parent, it makes you a good parent for recognizing that you need this space to re-group.
  • Don’t moan about the big kids in play areas as one day those big kids clattering around will be your big kids.
  • All children develop and learn at their own pace…your children will be who they are, and the best they can be so don’t panic too much ( there was me getting my child a tutor in year one as his school work was not the best). I have learnt you need not to worry too much and to just help your child the best you can and to support and encourage them (this was an expensive lesson for me). 
  • All children are different, they all have different personalities, emotions, and characters… However you love them all the same.
  • With my first child I worried so much more I would never let him out my sight, since then I have learnt to let go a little and let children explore and make friends on their own, this builds confidence in them and sets them in good steed.

Finally I have learnt to enjoy being a parent as it really is the best job in the world, you will make mistakes but that’s ok we all do, you just have to learn from them. Children are magical and they have the most amazing sense of life they just want to have fun and to be loved….. We can all learn a lot from our children so let them teach you and you teach them.



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