I Survived!!!

Well how did half term go…well I survived to tell the tale so that must be a positive right?!

It was actually ok and we had some nice days out…we went to the beach-which Harry was very confused about as he thought we were actually going on a holiday! As we parked up he screamed out ” I forgot my swimming ring” which I replied with “Harry your not actually going swimming”…I think he got the message as we stepped out of the car to a very cold brisk wind and realised its not swimming weather!


The boys loved it though, running away from the waves…getting soaked-accidentally on purpose (god I can tell their my kids)…they searched for treasure and climbed the rocks, then had a picnic it was a lovely day finished by Alfie falling completely in the sea…he got a bit too cocky.


On another day we ventured to an indoor play area which was hell!! It was so busy full of screaming sweaty children mine included. We spent two hours there tiring the children out and River even enjoyed himself going down the slides on Harry’s lap-it was a very sweet moment…it only took him two hours to get to the top of the slide 🙂

The Husband was also able to take some time  off so we were able to take the children to Crealy Adventure Park which was a lot of fun…Harry especially had a great time screaming his head off on all the rides and Alfie got to hold a rabbit-it was a nice but tiring day.


Finally on the last day I took the children to Plymouth Museum which after the moans all morning from the children about going they actually really enjoy themselves and had a great time…..


I also threw in a little child labour as I built and got rid of a wardrobe…Mummy needed some little helpers but I did reward them with cake so that’s fair right?



So all in all it was a successful  week and I survived to tell the tale. We had our usual arguments and moaning but it was not as bad as I imagined. I do now need to sleep for a week…ready for next weekend which is an adult road trip to London staying in a posh hotel for a London Fashion Week Show and some much needed retail therapy.




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