“Date Night”

When you get the opportunity of an evening away from the children, an evening away from bedtime battles of “I’m not tired”…”but you clearly are as your crying over the pyjamas your wearing”-you grab these opportunities with both hands!

Last week we were given said opportunity by the boys Nanny…good old Nanny came to watch the boys so we could have some husband and wife time. So, we embraced this, I booked a table at a restaurant, had a bath and even shaved my legs!!!! I chose a nice outfit and even wore some heels and a bloody handbag! Yes a handbag…not a changing bag or rucksack an actual handbag!


We left the boys and Nanny at 5.15pm the table was booked for 6pm so we thought we would have a cheeky little drink in the Seco Lounge first. As we entered the Husband declared he needed the toilet so as he trotted off I went and got the drinks. I sat down at a candle lit table and enjoyed the quiet. Ten minutes had past and I was starting to wonder where the Husband was…but not to worry I just received a picture message of his poo face!! This explained it. He then decided to join me fifteen minutes later to inform me his belly was a little dodge but all was ok now “well I’m glad love”.

We had a nice drink before our meal and it was lovely to actually chat without constant interruptions. We then made our way to Prezzo for our meal. Me and the Husband are real foodies-we love to eat out and relish any opportunity to go out and play master chef judges, so we looked over the menu and made our choices which was hard as it all looked so delicious.

By this stage I was on my second half of lager and felt completely pissed!! It really does not take a lot these days. We had a lovely three course meal where I polished off two desserts as the Husband is not a pudding man but I made him order one so I did not look like the fatty. We talked and laughed which is something you take for granted before you have children but is now something to be cherished.

After our meal we drove home via the Co Op to get cat food….so the cat could eat tonight as well. We arrived home at 7.15pm, we were only gone a few hours but it was a lovely few hours and we were home in bed by 8pm with all children asleep…Perfect!



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