Half term!!!

I see so many “perfect” mums on social media saying how excited they are for half term to spend time with the children…now don’t get me wrong I love my children and do enjoy spending time with them, however half term does fill me with a mix of emotions. Firstly dread, secondly no school run and finally excitement.


So let me explain why I feel all this before you judge me as a horrible mother! I feel dread because the children may have half term off however the husband has accidently on purpose not booked any leave and I still have to work a night shift. I have three boys and even though they love each other the majority of the time they fight like cat and dog, so I have to referee and deal with the tears and tantrums. My four year old currently does not shut up-he is constant…constantly asking questions and constantly by my side, he is such a mummy’s boys- I can’t even go to the toilet on my own! The seven year old has a lot of friends in our street so it means strange children running in and out of the house and then the baby who will not like the idea of sharing mummy for this week. My aim will be to tire the kids each day as much as I can…but I do feel as though I will be the one who will be the most tired.



I feel happy due to no school run so there will be no more mornings filled with me screaming at the children to get ready, no dramas over lost uniform or missing homework so this will be a nice change for a week. This makes me happy…we can get ready in our own time and maybe have a few Pyjama mornings 🙂


Thirdly I feel excited as I do get to spend time with the rat bags as I do enjoy spending time with them and hopefully we can do some things together and make some memories and we can get through the week without killing each other.

I will let you no how the week goes!



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