The Party

Harry got invited to a party last week-it was a little boy that Harry used to go to nursery with however he started primary school in September but Harry still sees him as he goes to the same school as his brother Alfie.

The moment Harry got the invite the excitement started, the invite came before Christmas so as you can appreciate I was sick of hearing about the bloody party by the time it came around “how many days mummy” came everyday up to it!

Me and the husband were a little concerned that Harry may be a little out of his depth as all the children went to school together but Harry is our confident little boy so we believed he would be fine. The party was at an indoor play zone, so I took him and the husband looked after the other two. I wore a very thick woolly jumper as it was freezing (this was a massive misjudgement on my behalf). As we got there all the children were waiting in the party area, Harry was beaming with excitement holding on to the little boys present-he tried his best to give the present to the little boy but he was over excited jumping around so Harry came and sat down and waited to go in with the other children. The lady then called all the children to form a line…Harry went over…he had a worried look on his little face looking back at me for reassurance I told him he would be fine and I would be  sitting down with everyone else. Just as they entered Harry looked at me and burst into tears, the birthday boys mum told her little boy to look after Harry but that fell on deaf ears as he ran in the play area.

So it was down to me to try and include Harry so I took my shoes off and went into the play area to find the other children, however Harry just wanted to play with me…he was so excited there was a big slide so I said I would go on it a few times then we would try find the other children. So after a few goes me sweating like a bloody pig  with rashes all up my neck from  the sweat and the woolly jumper we attempted to find the other children, eventually we found the birthday boy, so I left harry with him and retreated to the parents area in search of water.

Five minutes past and I thought ‘yes we have cracked it’ and Harry is making friends….. I then see a crying, sweating child approach me…yes it was Harry! So to stop the tears I take him on the slide again.
All the children are called to the party room…at this point I look an absolute state and I must stink. I take Harry up the stairs and sit him down to enjoy the party food…he is beaming and looks like he is having the time of his life but in reality the poor little bugger is sat there with no one talking to him bar me.

After they have eaten they tried to sort a game of football so ask the birthday boy to pick who he wants in his team…Harry perks up with “me” however the little shit did not pick Harry and the look on Harry’s face at this point nearly bought me to tears my heart just sank-I wanted to throttle the birthday boy! However this is not appropriate so I restrain myself and tell Harry that the blue team is better than the red team anyway. They go off to play and I go down to watch Harry (as no one is actually talking to me either!) Harry is running around like a headless chicken and to be fair to the birthday boy I would not want him in my team either as he is crap! But I cheer him on telling him which goal he needs to be shooting in. I’m not sure he actually listened though as he scored a own goal but celebrated this like he had won a years supply of lollies!

The party then came to and end and Harry collected his party bag and said his thank you’s. We went to the car and Harry turned to me and told me that was the best party ever and he had the best time!! Bless his cotton socks.



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