“My turn”

I have never been a big one for baths as they always mean hair wash, which in turn translates to washing all the dirt out of my hair which is holding it together. But once I became a mother a bath is something I long for-it now translates to shutting the door for five minutes peace and quite….. Or so I always believe it does.

As a mother to three boys my evenings are  busy I also have a husband but he is as much help as one of the children, my life is full of football, dirt, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, “he did this” and the list goes on. So after they have been fed, and are now kinda clean, it’s calm down time before bed so we read, and watch the last of a show on telly… It’s then bedtime-I’m very lucky as none of the boys can actually tell the time yet so as I tell them it’s really late and they need to go to sleep (at 6.30pm).

Finally is my turn for a bath, and this is where the dream of the perfect bath you see posted all over Instagram is completely ruined!! In stead of fancy bubbles I have children’s bubble bath which actually smells quite nice in all honesty, I then scoop all the toys out and climb in…Oh the peace…then the seven year old  enters “I need a wee” quick then I say as he tries to interact with me, which at this point I’m standing my ground and telling him how late it is, he then scurries of to bed, once again the peace…. Then the bloody husband enters to use the toilet for a number two.. Shoot me now!  15 mins later he leaves but has left behind a rather unpleasant smell. I then have a nice soak, then I go to wash my hair… shampoo on then washed off then I get the conditioner-oh look there is none left! I have a four year old who loves to make potions in “his bath time” I could get angry but I used to do exactly the same thing as a child! My mother must of loved me too :).

Now my hair without conditioner is… well let’s say out of control so I need to find some form of conditioner so I go through all the bottles till I have a ten pence piece size blob in my hand, phew crisis averted.

As I lay in the bath thinking about my day, and the next and things I need to do, I look at the tiles on the wall and see they could use a clean so I get a flannel and start cleaning them, I then go through all the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash and actually see what is left after the little monkey has made his mixtures. Now this is when I think the little shit there is actually nothing left!!

So bath time for me is not a relaxing experience it’s actually sitting in my own filth cleaning around me! Oh how life my has changed 😉


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