I have read so many blogs from all walks of life, so I feel a lot of pressure to try and make mine good, but then I thought sod it and I will use my first blog to introduce myself and my family I will try and be funny later on!.

First there is “me” I am Tori I’m 30 years old, a mum to three boys and a wife to the husband. I love my life and all I have in it I will always moan I want more but I am actually very happy with my lot. I work part time and look after all the boys in my life, I never let things get to me, I just get on with what life deals you and make the most out of everything.



Then there is the husband he is a good man, the love of my life, my best friend and my partner in crime. We are a very good match together, we both live for the day and think about the consequences tomorrow, we both have no self control, we are both big kids living for the boys and are aim is simple to give the boys the best life they could want and memories they will cherish.

Then there’s the boys……



Alfie the oldest, my first born he is now seven and with the age has come a slight attitude, he is a sensitive boy and very loving he loves his little brothers (most of the time) and looks after them. He is a great kid he makes me smile. He has reached an age now where I do feel his sole aim in life is to embarrass me with not thinking before he opens his mouth as some utter rubbish does come out of those lips…. But I still love him and his little ways.



Then there is Harry he is my little ray of sunshine he is four and a massive mummy’s boys not that I’m complaining, well most of the time I’m not! He is cheeky, clever and very funny, he lights up everyone’s day and is a unique spirt.


Then the baby River, he is 18 months old and has been my baby for a long time as River does not like to grow he has spend alot of his little life in  and out of hospital but is now home and thriving thanks to being peg fed, he has overcome a lot but is now developing into his own little person and is just as cheeky as his brothers.

We are the King family and we would like to share our stories with you all.



3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Yvette says:

    That was lovely to read you have a lovely family and u are s great friend to jazz thanks for looking out for her she’s lucky to have u hope u and boys are ok xx


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